Lee Albert Hill

Lee Albert Hill’s most recent works in the "Bluestem Series" are guided by questions formed in his practice as an architect. These questions are concerned with how the built environment reacts with nature and how it sits upon the landscape. His paintings are essentially a merger of two layered under-and-over-paintings. The under, or "base-painting", is formed by the imprints of random natural elements. The "over-painting" is applied over that as a hard edged geometric (architectural) construct in the studio. The relationship is essentially a reductive abstraction of our contemporary tension with nature.

Currently showing in "9Grams" a summer group show at Fort Works Art, in Fort Worth, Texas.

“9Grams" entertains the idea that today’s artistic, visual vocabulary is highly influenced by social media, namely Instagram. The narrative of this show draws on the artists’ shared similarity of visual language, the contrasts of geometric abstractions and strong lines with figurative drawings and free movement paintings. This international roster of all-male artists include: Lee Hill, Hoxxoh, Eric Inkala (Drinkala), Eric Jones, Locastro, Derick Smith, Nick Wilkinson, Ben Willis and Wheron.