Lee Albert Hill

Lee Hill will be showing his work in affiliation with Gallery HaRang in Seoul, South Korea during an upcoming group exhibition hosted by the gallery. The exhibition is titled "Korea-US International Contemporary Art" and will open on February 21, 2018 at the Chosun Ilbo Gallery in Seoul.

Artist's Exhibit Statement:

Congratulations to Gallery HaRang for bringing together a diverse group of artists from both Korea and the United States to exhibit at the Chosun Ilbo Gallery during the “Korea-US International Contemporary Art Exhibition of 2018”. My work as a western painter (some would say extremely western coming from Texas) is actually influenced by the sensibilities of an eastern aesthetic. Each painting is built on a rigorous precise language of mark making combined with an abstract perception of nature that celebrates random arrangements of patterns. At the most basic level it’s automatic drawing meets sacred geometry.

Having my work recognized by a gallery in Korea and hung next to that of many other accomplished artists, is in itself an honor. In showing my work to a wider audience in Korea, my hope is to demonstrate that no matter where an artist is making art across the globe, we are all held together by common principles of thought and open ideas.